Made from the finest ingredients and a limitless amount of love, enjoy any of our bakery items for a special occassion, after sunday dinner, or if you are craving something sweet. 
A sweet combination of caramels, nuts, nougat filings, and berries usually followed by some of the worlds best quality chocolates. As if that isnt enough, indulge in our famous nut brittle any way you like it. 
Quality & Freshness Guaranteed
Celebration Cookies
Try our custom cookies at your special event. These cookies tend to be the gift that keeps on giving. Send your guest away with a tasty thank you with our custom sugar cookie. 
  1. Bakery
    Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Cobblers, & Bars.
  2. Celebration Cakes & Cookies
    Cakes for all celebrations and custom themed sugar cookies.
  3. Confectionery Counter
    Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate. Dipped berries, nuts, gourmet elephant paws, brittles, and more.