Frequently asked questions

  1. How far in advance can I order custom cookies?
    We recommend that you place your order as soon as you finalize your date. You can never be too early. However custom cookies require a minimum of 7 days prior to your pick up, pending our availability.
  2. Do you offer gluten free custom cookies?
    Yes! As of December 2018 we will offer gluten free custom cookies. These cookies will require a minimum of a 2 weeks notice, pending our availability.
  3. Do you offer event packages?
    Yes! We provide dessert spreads for all occasions. We require a consultation for special events where you will meet with our events manager and taste different items available on the dessert spread, discuss set up, decor and special request. There is a $50 service charge.
  4. Do you offer wedding cakes?
    At this time wedding cakes are not being offered. Our goal is to start offering wedding cakes Spring 2019.
  5. When can I place Thanksgiving Dessert orders?
    Thanksgiving orders will open November 1, 2018. All orders require a 50% non refundable deposit.
  6. When does the bakery officially open?
    Our official target date is November 5, 2018.
  7. Do you offer party favors?
    Yes. We offer a variety of party favors from our confectionery menu.
  8. Do you offer vegan desserts?
    At this time we do not have vegan products on the menu. However, it is our to goal to provide some options to our customers by Spring 2019.
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